Words and more words

June 2013
I've been busy with words, so far this year. Lots and lots of words. I wrote several thousand of them for Audioculture, 'a noisy history of New Zealand' that launched in late May.

There's a ton of bits and pieces I wrote for them, including indepth features the late Phil Fuemana, and DJ Manuel Bundy. Did you know Manuel Bundy scratched on a Tim Finn record? Damn, he's cool.

I've published my first book, I Believe You Are A Star. It was released May 20, and we had a fantastic launch party at Conch Records, with free beer and pineapple lumps, all the food groups of touring musos.

There's some reviews of it over here. You can get it for only $19.95 from Conch Records, Real Groovy (Akl), Slowboat Records, RPM Music (Wgtn) and Amazon, and on Kindle.

AND there's some new Dub Asylum tunes on the boil. EP in the works for later this year.

Oh, and my old band Hallelujah Picassos did a gig last month, with the mighty Drab Doo Riffs - someone filmed it - watch that over here. We're gonna do another gig soonish.

Remix bizz

Way back in 2004, I pulled together some cool local producers to remix some tracks off my debut Dub Asylum album, She Dubs Me She Dubs Me Not. The remixes came out on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl, with specially hand painted covers by artists DLT and Dan Tippett (watch a a video of them painting the covers over here). That's me with some of the covers below.

Now the EP is getting a digital reissue, with a special bonus remix - the flipside off my Ba Ba Boom 7-inch single, the Oogun remix, available digitally for the first time. Out October 26 thru Amplifier, iTunes, Bandcamp etc.

Remixes by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Audioslut, and Oogun.

Stereo freeze EP drops

May 2012
Autumn approaches
So far this year I've been working on the latest reissue from Hallelujah Picassos, a digital collection of our cover versions. You can check out Picasso Core Jukebox over on Bandcamp. I've also got a few other archival projects in the works too.

There will be a few Dub Asylum releases this year possibly, and maybe a music video off the Stereo Freeze EP. I've got some other musical projects on the bubble tho. Keep ya ears peeled.

December 2011
The last several months have been consumed with the Hallelujah Picassos retrospective, called Rewind The Hateman. I sorted the remastering, scanned the photos, designed the artwork and pushed it out into the world, so to speak. It dropped on October 31, and has been getting great reviews. Check it out over here.

But there is some new Dub Asylum business on the way. Out December 19, a new digital EP called Stereo Freeze.

This EP is a collection of brand new and way old tunes, pulled together to get them out into the world, before my hard drive dies. Oldest tune is Get It Together, originally recorded in 2002 for the first Dub Asylum album. Newest tune (cut earlier this year) is Jumping Jack Skank, a stomping melodica groove. Jump and twist came out in May 2009 for NZ Music Month, and has been remastered for inclusion here. Available on iTunes, Amplifier, Bandcamp, Digirama, Marbecks Digital, etc. 

On the remix

MAY 2011
The Rescape remix EP by NSU is out now, with my remix of West Coast Dub. 

To celebrate, I've got a few remixes I've done up for free download over at Bandcamp. The first remixes I ever did were for the Midnights (2007) and Kolab (2008) - I hit them up via Myspace, how old fashioned is that? Funny thing is, I did the Kolab remix without ever talking to the guys - did it all via email and IM. Even though they live in the same city as me. 

The Kolab remix (Sideways) is up for free download, and a previously unreleased remix I did for Onelung back in 2006 (Devine No 5), for a remix project that didn't end up happening due to record company stuff. Go grab em!