Words and more words

June 2013
I've been busy with words, so far this year. Lots and lots of words. I wrote several thousand of them for Audioculture, 'a noisy history of New Zealand' that launched in late May.

There's a ton of bits and pieces I wrote for them, including indepth features the late Phil Fuemana, and DJ Manuel Bundy. Did you know Manuel Bundy scratched on a Tim Finn record? Damn, he's cool.

I've published my first book, I Believe You Are A Star. It was released May 20, and we had a fantastic launch party at Conch Records, with free beer and pineapple lumps, all the food groups of touring musos.

There's some reviews of it over here. You can get it for only $19.95 from Conch Records, Real Groovy (Akl), Slowboat Records, RPM Music (Wgtn) and Amazon, and on Kindle.

AND there's some new Dub Asylum tunes on the boil. EP in the works for later this year.

Oh, and my old band Hallelujah Picassos did a gig last month, with the mighty Drab Doo Riffs - someone filmed it - watch that over here. We're gonna do another gig soonish.