On the remix

MAY 2011
The Rescape remix EP by NSU is out now, with my remix of West Coast Dub. 

To celebrate, I've got a few remixes I've done up for free download over at Bandcamp. The first remixes I ever did were for the Midnights (2007) and Kolab (2008) - I hit them up via Myspace, how old fashioned is that? Funny thing is, I did the Kolab remix without ever talking to the guys - did it all via email and IM. Even though they live in the same city as me. 

The Kolab remix (Sideways) is up for free download, and a previously unreleased remix I did for Onelung back in 2006 (Devine No 5), for a remix project that didn't end up happening due to record company stuff. Go grab em!